My friends over at Buy Shoes. Save Lives. have sold enough shoes to start giving away the dough. We heard today that a child in their Iraqi neighborhood received some money to help him travel to the hospital where his surgery will take place. If you want to know more information about how these great shoes are made, what they look like, and where the money goes, check out their site.

In case you’re wondering 100% of the profits goes to fund heart surgeries for children in Iraq. When they say 100% of the profits, they don’t mean 25 cents for every dollar. They buy the shoes and ship them. Every other penny goes to kids in need.

So, you wanna help, but can’t afford to spend $100 on shoes? They have an amazing new t-shirt design. (Yes, I say amazing! Carissa, you rock!)

Now, to my friends over there at Buy Shoes. Save Lives.: You rock! And, I also say Happy Birthday, Jeremy!