My hub has found a new hobby. He’s learning how to dive. Since we moved to a city on the ocean, he took up snorkeling and then spear fishing. Diving was the next step, I guess. This week he started his lessons to get his diving certificate (or whatever you call it).

Here’s the funny thing: The diving club that’s giving him the lessons is located within a military zone. As a foreigner, RayRay can’t enter the zone. So, they put him in a boat and they came in by sea. It was a mini-invasion. However, when the lesson was finished, he was told he could just walk out. Apparently it’s illegal to walk in, but legal to walk out.

RayRay is also experiencing terrible allergies. He never knew you could be allergic underwater until yesterday on his first dive. There he was, 10 feet under water, encumbered by the oxygen tank, mask, and other junk, when he had a sneezing fit. According to him, he blew his mouthpiece out into the water and was immediately covered in snot and air bubbles. His instructor had never seen anything like it before. I only wish I had been there to see it.