Today they found me.

It didn’t matter that they finally caught up with me since they already knew everything about us. They knew my name, the hub’s name, Bean’s name, her birthday, and where she was born. They knew my hub’s job. They knew our phone number and our address — in fact, they came straight to my door. Spies? Communists? Germans?

No, Health Clinic workers!

This country is broken into small areas that all contain a Health Clinic. You can go there for inexpensive and easy medical care. Do you have a cold? Go get some medicine and see a doctor — all for about a buck. Do you need a vaccine? Head over there (no appointment necessary) and get your shot — for about a buck. While I was pregnant I needed a test run. My doc in the Big City told me to go there instead of the local fancy hospital. Fancy Hospital’s price: about 20 bucks. Health Clinic’s price: about a buck.

Apparently another one of their jobs is to follow every child in the country and make sure they get their shots and are growing correctly. I hadn’t come in with my kid yet, so they came to get me.

I think the purpose of the Health Clinics is great. I think it’s wonderful that they’re ensuring that all children are medically cared for. I’m going in on Thursday for Bean to get another vaccine. But, I just want to know something…. How did they know all of that information about me?

The only logical answer is that they’re in league with the Communists who are out to get me. Or, they have a magician on staff.