Ok, some of you out there are definite shoe-fiends. I read your blogs about how you visited Payless or Target or Dillard’s or the Shoe Rack and bought the cutest little pair of flats/sandals/flip-flops/high heels/tennis shoes/penny loafers. Now here’s a chance to buy some shoes that have more benefit than matching your outfit.

The profits from these shoes that are hand-made in Iraq goes to fund heart surgeries for Iraqi children. So, kids that ordinarily would have no chance are given a chance to live. A pair of shoes in exchange for a child’s life. Sounds good to me.

What’s more, the program that provides the heart surgeries also works towards building cultural bridges and bringing peace. Wanna know more? Go to this site. (The new button on the sidebar also takes you there.) They’ll tell you everything you want to know. Oh, and if you’re thinking “Come on, mab…. this is something that looks good on the outside, but how can you tell it’s legit?!” Let me tell you: The people organizing this program are friends of mine. They’re 100% legit. They’re 2 legit 2 quit. So, buy shoes. Save lives.