We’re back home and I am so glad! The Big City has it’s perks (hot dogs, Dunkin’ Donuts, malls, bacon cheeseburgers, Haagen-Dagz, etc.), but it also has crazy traffic and lots of people. Our small, calm city is much better. Plus, after a month away, you always want to come home. It’s nice to be in my own bed again. And, for the past 5 months, I’ve had to give up my side of the bed. Why? Because it was further from the bathroom. So, my hub kindly switched with me. Now that I can go longer than 15 minutes without needing the pot, I can resume sleeping on my side of the bed. Hey, little luxuries mean a lot!

All of you faithful mabBlab readers know that I love to eat and I love to sleep. But, I never thought I’d love someone so much that I’d rather watch them than sleep. Here’s another picture of my sweet Beanie girl. I know I’m a tad bit biased, but isn’t she just so pretty?