It seems that most newborns have about 30 mintues a day when they are truly awake and alert.

Parents of newborns are also only awake and alert for 30 minutes of each day.

I’d like to tell you about all the adventures we’ve been having. About going to America (well, the consulate), about the nurse I called Nurse Tittie Twister, about the ways that my Bean is already showing her little personality…. but my 30 minutes of awake + alert time isn’t enough. Even through the sleep deprivation, we are deliriously happy. She is perfect and beautiful & I can’t believe she’s mine!

Many of you have heard that there’s another blog out there now. You’re right. Bean has her own blog. I won’t link to it from here. Why? Because I still don’t know who is out there in Portugal, England, Dubai, and Iran that’s reading the blog. Not to mention in other places. And I like privacy when we’re listing names and more facts. So, if you haven’t received the address to Beanie’s blog in your inbox through our family newsletter, leave me a comment. I’ll send you the addy.  I’ll still post plenty of pictures and stories on this blog, though. In fact, two blogs may not be enough to contain all that this Mama wants to share.

Now, it’s late & we’ve gotten her to sleep. That means it’s time for me to sleep, too!