Today we drove to a mall to meet a friend. As we neared the mall, two roads converged. The problem: They had recently repaved the new road and hadn’t drawn the lines yet. So, there were no lines on the road. None. Normally lines in the road here in Central Asia are merely a suggestion. The absence of lines denotes a Free-for-all. I counted at least 7 lanes of traffic that had been created by the masses of cars. We joined the throng and jockeyed for position just like the locals. This time, however, we needed to cross 7 – 9 fluid lanes to get to our turn instead of the regular 4.

I must applaud my hub: We came out without a scratch.

The next item for your entertainment came from tonight’s Central Asian national news. Did they report on wars? On important political changes? On major disasters? Nope. They reported on 2 dogs. Apparently, some idiot left his two puppies in his car at the beach. (A cruel idiot, I might add.) We are having record-high temperatures outside of parked cars, so you can imagine the inside of a parked car. Here’s the funny part: Some time after they’d been in the car and had started to be severely affected by the heat, a crowd noticed the puppies’ dilemma. Did they call the police? The animal shelter? Nope. They called the news. Then, they broke the car window to get the dogs out. I thoroughly applaud their speedy action to save the puppies, I just find their manner humorous. You should have seen the mob, too! Dozens of people surrounding the car and shouting. I’ll bet the owner tried to come back, saw the riot, feared for his life, and ran off. Now he’s lost his two dogs and his car window is busted. I’m also sure that people will sit out there for hours waiting for his return to give him a big scolding. The good news is that the puppies are safe and the police apparently aren’t going to do anything about the mob breaking the guy’s window.

I may not post for a day or two. This weekend my hub and I are going to celebrate our 7th anniversary. We’re also going to visit several friends. So, please don’t take the absence of a post to mean the arrival of Bean. I promise, you’ll all know when she comes. For one thing, you’ll be able to hear my great sigh of relief all the way around the world.