Next Wednesday and Thursday (the 27th & 28th), all books from John Piper’s website will only be $5. No limits. You can check here for more details. (Thanks, SB, for the tip!)

The house where we’re staying has 4 English channels: BBC World (mostly news), CNN World (news), BBC Prime (a variety of BBC programmes), and CNBC (which is news in the day and American stuff that’s subtitled at night). So, our watching is limited if we want to watch in English. Therefore, I’ve been watching a lot of news. This story had both of us absolutely in stitches tonight.

Last, but not least… a website I visit whenever I get bored. (I may have linked to this before…. I’m not sure.) I particularly like to channel my inner middle-schooler when thinking of commands to type. (“Fart” is one of my favorites.) Let me know what else y’all come up with.