KarenD says that the picture of the feet is grossing her out too much. She has begged me for a new post. KarenD, after reading what I’ve written, you might be sorry…..

I have nothing really to say today. We went to the mall to soak up some A/C. We watched Ocean’s 13. That’s it. Therefore, I have nothing to post about. And, about a week ago, I promised/warned my good buddy mkb that the next time I was post-less, I’d share the following random pregnancy side-effect that none of you really want to know about. (This is your warning!)

My pits have turned black. That’s right, black. It either looks like I haven’t shaved in months or like someone took a baseball bat to them. Since most people who choose to beat others with baseball bats don’t choose to hit pits, I’m fairly certain that the masses I encounter daily assume that I’ve given up the simple, but necessary hygienic practice of shaving. While my rotund belly has created difficulty in shaving my legs with accuracy, I am still quite capable of accessing the pits. I must assure you of their recently-shaven state. Still, because of hormones or that jungle parasite I’ve picked up, they’ve turned black. I have nicknamed them the Pits of Despair. (Extra points to anyone who hasn’t quit reading this gross post by now and can name that reference.)

So, there you go. That’s today’s post. I wish I had more interesting things to tell you, but I don’t. I spend my days sleeping, reading great books, going to various air-conditioned locations, and mourning the sad state of my pits. I’d write about the great books, but I’m not finished reading them yet. So, you’ll have to wait.

Now, to atone for my pit post, here’s something that made me laugh yesterday.


(That’s yesterday’s Pardon My Planet by Vic Lee.)