One great thing about living overseas is that I’ve been able to meet people from many countries. Not just Central Asians, but I can now call English, Irish, Sweedish, Austrialian, Austrian, German, Canadian, and Faroese people my friends. Never heard of the Faroese? They hail from the Faroe Islands, a tiny group of islands (of course) way out almost to Iceland. Until yesterday, I knew one lady from the Faroe Islands. Yesterday I met 4 members of her family. Therefore, I know 5 Faroese people.  Since the population of the Faroe Islands is only 47,511, knowing 5 people from this illustrious country is a big deal.

In fact, it means that I now know more than 1% of the population of that country.

I would have to know 3,011,399 Americans to know 1% of all Americans.

Or 11,298,662 Indians to know 1% of all Indians.

Or  13,218,519 Chinese to know 1% of all the Chinese.

So, not only did I gain more knowledge about the lovely Faroe Islands that will certainly benefit me some day when I go on Jeopardy or play Trivial Persuit, I also can boast about the many Faroese that I call my friends. All 1.05% of them.