Tonight I talked with a friend who has 4 kids. Two of them were two weeks late. Another friend in the room also had one child who was 2 weeks late. If Bean is 2 weeks late, I think I’ll go nuts. I’ll also a) buy air conditioning units for every room in this house, b) lay in bed and cry like a mournful beached whale, and c) explode. (I don’t think I can really get any bigger….)

So, Bean! Listen up, sweetie! You’ve got 19 days! Maybe 2o. After that, my goodwill will decrease!

In other news, our 7th anniversary is coming up next weekend. I really can’t believe it’s been that long! I consider myself very blessed to have my hub. He takes good care of me, he makes me laugh, and he’s a great partner for life. Basically, he’s the best! (You may all either make a face at this sugary comment or say “Awwww!” right now. Thank you.)

Now, a comic that always has cracked me up. I think of it whenever Bean is particularly active…


(This is from Pardon My Planet by Vic Lee.)