Today we went to a shopping center. It has a huge Wal-Mart type store, a food court, one of my favorite Pier One-type stores, and several other shops. It’s really a mini-mall. We met some friends at Starbucks (yay!) and then ate real beef hot dogs (double yay!) and after grocery shopping we stopped to pick up a dozen Dunkin’ Donuts (triple dipple yay!) — these are some of the reasons that it’s nice to go to the Big City now and again.

After the giant hot dog and more donuts than are good for me, I needed a blander dinner to keep my heartburn at bay. So, I’m eating rice. To console myself, I made a milkshake. But, this isn’t the type of milkshake you’re thinking of. This is the old-fashioned type my mom used to make me that doesn’t involve ice cream at all. I highly recommend it to anyone, even if you avoid dairy like Papa Steve. Here’s the simple recipe…..

Milk Shake

1. Put ice cubes in a jar that has a lid.

2. Fill with milk, a spoonful (or so) of vanilla extract, and a spoonful (or so) of sugar.

3. Shake.

The result is sweet, frothy goodness. So, for those of you who need a calcium-booster or a snack, there’s my suggestion for you.  Writing this post has made me thirsty. I think I’ll go make another shake.