We went to the doc for a visit today. Bean is doing quite well. However, at least for today I must rename her. She must now be called Chunky Monkey….. as of today (about a month from her due date), she weighs 6 pounds, 3 ounces. Her daddy weighed about 10 and a half when he was born. Apparently, she’s gonna take after him.  The doctor estimates that she may be 8 or 9 pounds at birth.

This explains why I’ve gotten so dang huge.

Speaking of huge, we went to a huge mall today and by the end of lunch and a movie, my feet were really swollen. So, I bought some new flip-flops. They’re 2 sizes larger than I usually wear. And they’re still tight.

If our Chunky Monkey decided to come a week or so early, I wouldn’t be sad one bit.