Something’s happened in the last few weeks…. Bean has had quite a little growth spurt! I’ve now hit the point where strangers eye me warily and start making bets on how many weeks I have to go. Women that I know along with women I don’t know keep telling me a phrase used for women nearing delivery: “May God save you!” (I find this quite funny.)

We are now up in the Big City and settling into our borrowed home. We might just stay after Bean arrives? Why? This house has a dishwasher and a dryer. And, they deliver good milk straight to our door every morning.

So, Beanie-girl, now that I’m here and closer to the hospital, you can come any time. Really. I’m ready to sleep on my stomach again. I’m ready for the heartburn to be over. I’m ready for my feet to stop swelling. And, I’m ready for small children to stop clinging to their mothers and yelling: “Mama! What is that humongous thing coming towards us! Save me from GIGANTOR!”