Well, I guess Cliff’s power extends further than I thought. Somehow he managed to conspire with the public toilet at a camping/picnic site yesterday to get revenge on me. Why would he want revenge? Well, I laughed at him when our neighbor’s squatty potty leaked potty juice on him.

Yesterday at the end of our picnic, I went to the potty. It was a squatty, which I actually prefer when it’s in public (less near-contact with grossness). All was fine until I flushed. Now, let me tell those who are unfamiliar a bit about the anatomy of a squatty. On the floor is a porcelain hole with porcelain foot rests next to it. This is where you squat. On the wall, above your head, is the tank. It’s as if they took the seat and put it in the floor, but took the back of the toilet and mounted it on the wall. When you finish your biz, you pull the string on the wall and it flushes on the floor. Sometimes the flush action can be a bit forceful, so I always stand as far away from the floor hole when I flush…. you don’t want any of that splashing on your sandaled feet, you know. This time, I pulled the string and suddenly felt a rush of water. The tank was waterfalling on me. All down my back, all down my pants, all down my leg and my feet. I screamed.

My friend assured me that it’s clean water since it came from the tank. I don’t believe her. Anything within a 10 foot radius of a public toilet (regardless of the type and the country it’s located in) is automatically deemed filthy in my mind. So, water that has been stagnating in that tank since last summer’s picnic season isn’t exactly what I’d like to shower in.

Cliff, I instantly thought of you and realized that if I believed in bad karma, this would be it. I laughed at you getting doused with toilet juice and now I was being soaked. You could immediately take a shower, I had to wait until I rode 20 minutes into town and arrived back at my house. But, my friend, did you have to go this far to get revenge? What other potties have you rigged all over Central Asia just in case I should ever happen to use them?  Again, I never knew the reach of your venging arm was so great…..

In other news, Bean’s room should be finished tonight or tomorrow. Be patient & I’ll post some pics soon-ish.