I hate heartburn. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.  For awhile, I took a heartburn pill and it worked great. Then, it quit working. So, my doctor gave me some stuff that’s like nasty Mylanta. It tastes like chocolate mint gone very bad. It was disgusting, but it worked. For a little while. Now it doesn’t work much anymore and no matter what I do or don’t eat, I still sit up most nights with heartburn.

I know that the best cure for my heartburn will come in about 6 weeks when Bean arrives. She’ll come, I’ll look at her and say: “Welcome sweetie!” Then, I’ll look at my hub and say “A basket of curly fries and a double cheeseburger and a pot of spaghetti with spicy meat sauce, please.” Sure, this isn’t the typical reaction of most new moms, but for those of you who have experienced pregnancy-induced heartburn, you understand.

For now I need practical advice. (But don’t tell me to give up chocolate. It’s my one vice left! And you don’t really want to see me if I can’t have my occasional candy bar…) I’ve given up fried foods, tomatoey foods, and fatty foods. I’ve reduced my dairy intake. (I can’t eliminate it, though. Bean has to have her calcium.) I don’t eat a couple of hours before bed. I go to sleep sitting up. All of those typical remedies, I’ve tried & it’s not working. So, if there’s anything else out there that you know of, here’s where you get to tell me what to do.

The people here have another OWT that if you have a lot of heartburn in pregnancy it’s because the baby is going to have a lot of hair. I think Bean is going to have an afro.