This has been an eventful baby week! First, my friends Jason & Jennifer welcomed little Hannah to the world. (And let me tell you, she is precious!) Then, yesterday, our friends who live here in our city welcomed little Jenna. (And she is absolutely precious as well!) I think that this week has seen the birth of two of Bean’s future friends.

Yesterday we were spreading the news around town that Jenna had arrived. My hub called a friend of ours that we’ll call Pam. He was excitedly sharing the news about the birth, but couldn’t figure out why Pam wasn’t just thrilled to pieces. After all, she is one of Jenna’s mommy’s best friends. Then, my hub asked Pam if he could speak to her hubby Burt. The following conversation ensued:

Pam: Excuse me?

Hub: Burt. Can I speak to Burt?

Pam: Who is Burt?

Hub: Your husband….? Burt….?

Pam: My husband? I don’t understand.

Hub: Pam! Can I speak to your husband? His name is Burt?

Pam: My husband? Burt?

Hub: (growing frustrated because he knows he’s saying it correctly and can’t figure out why she can’t understand him, so he begins to yell into the phone) BURT! CAN I SPEAK TO YOUR HUSBAND, BURT?!

Pam: (after a moment of awkward silence) I think you have the wrong Pam. I’m not married.

Hub: Huh? What?

Pam: Ray Ray, this is your accountant’s daughter, Pam. Who did you think this was?

That’s when my hub realized that he had picked the wrong Pam out of his phone book. He called a business contact, not our friends. When he sheepishly came in to tell me what had happened, all I could do was hug him and laugh really hard.

In other news, I think you should all read the comics today. As you know, I save the ones that make me laugh out loud. That means that in a good week I save maybe one. Today I saved 5. You can follow the link on the right (called My Daily Read) to make your own comics page. Or, click here and read the same comics I do every day.

Here’s my favorite one….


(That’s today’s Strange Brew by John Deering.)