Yesterday was a very important day. Yes, it was May Day and around the world children were dancing around poles with ribbons getting all tangled up and trying to figure out what the heck a May Day dance is supposed to look like.

It was also my friend Ruth’s birthday. (Happy Birthday again, Ruth!) She and I have a very special connection: We both love chocolate. In fact, I credit Ruth with my introduction to Galaxy and Cadbury chocolates from the UK. Don’t tell me “We have Cadbury in the States.” Until you’ve eaten a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar and compared it to fudgy bliss, you won’t know the difference between the high quality chocolate sold in every store in Europe and the other stuff they package and sell us in the States. (For those of you who are now convinced of my shallowness, know that I love Ruth for many, many more reasons than chocolate. I just don’t feel like gushing them out in a post right now. And, I’m thinking of that last chocolate bar she gave me that I’m keeping in my nightstand. It might be lunch for me.)

Yesterday was also Communist Day. There were parades and marches around the city. But, the people weren’t Lenin or Marx or even Casare look-alikes… they look more like hippies or normal college students. And, the marches look more like a carnival to me. Here’s the problem, though. I forgot to wish them a happy Communist Day. They might get miffed and turn me in to the other, more hard-core Communists. You know, the same people who were hiding stuff around my house a few weeks ago. I’m going to have to find a way to make it up to them.

Do you think Communists like cake? Maybe I’ll bake a cake.