(By the way, make sure you’ve read the post below this one first.) 


The village people have left the building.

I sat up last night watching some old Beauty and the Geek tv shows that my brother recorded for me, so when my alarm went off this morning, I hit snooze for awhile. I knew I needed to get up because I didn’t know when our friends from the village would show up. Fortunately, they called before they came. I jumped out of bed, threw on my clothes, scarfed down some breakfast, and began heating up the taquito things I had made for them yesterday. They arrived about 10:30 this morning.

Instead of the cowboy, the construction worker, the whatever that guy in the center is supposed to be, the indian, the biker, and the Mork-imitator in the back that you see pictured on the cover of the Village People album, only a nice husband and wife and their young son showed up. Their son is almost 2 and he was pretty good. He played with the toys I keep over here and only tried to kick me or hit me a few times. Overall, very well-behaved.

To answer Cliff’s question, no they didn’t show up in village outfits. Just like we dress up like villagers to see them, they wear regular clothes to come to the city. If you had seen our friends, you wouldn’t have known they were villagers. They stayed until 2:00 when they had to go and catch their bus home.

Overall, it was good that our friends came by. It showed that they value us enough to stop in and it helps us continue this relationship. The guy was dissappointed that Ray Ray wasn’t here to hang out with him. That says a lot about what he thinks of my hub. So, it was a good thing.

As you could tell from my thinly-veiled frustration expressed in yesterday’s post, it was the difference in cultural norms and traditions surrounding notifying your hostess that ticked me off. I spent a long time praying about that last night. I think it’s perfectly ok to set boundaries and say no to people. Otherwise I might as well write “Welcome!” on my back and lay down in front of the door. But, it’s difficult to know what boundaries to set in another culture. What actions are they doing that are rude? What boundaries are reasonable for me to expect here? This is a question that I think it’ll take me years to sufficiently answer. But, I did decide that I wasn’t going to beat around the bush today. When they said “Where were you yesterday?” I didn’t start making excuses. I simply said I wasn’t available. Firmly. Kindly. Without waffling. (Mmmmm…. waffles. I want to eat some waffles! Ahem. Sorry. Craving side note.)

Hopefully my friends left feeling valued. Hopefully I’ll have time to take a good long nap this afternoon. Or, I guess I could spend my time watching the last few episodes of Beauty and the Geek…….

By the way, did anyone else out there have the record where all the Disney characters sang disco songs? My favorite song was “Macho Duck.” Even now I can sing it….. in my head….. quietly….. where none of you can hear it.