Today I accomplished a feat that few other pregnant women can boast of: I went 6 hours without going to the bathroom. How did I do this? What was my motivation? We went to a fair at our friend’s village. And they don’t have indoor plumbing. The threat of an outhouse can even make a woman who is 7 months pregnant and who normally can’t make it 30 minutes without rushing to a ladies’ room because her daughter is positioned right on top of her bladder hang on for dear life.

The fair was nice. We saw all of our friends. We freaked out the other people from surrounding villages because we were foreigners dressed in village clothes.  (One girl literally stared at me with her jaw dropped for 10 minutes. I wanted to say: “Howdy? Are you ok? Would you like a picture? But I didn’t. Because that would be rude. And then I’d be the rude foreign woman in village clothes.) We also ate the typical fair food. There’s one special thing they make for weddings and for this yearly festival. It’s basically boiled wheat with meat in it. It’s slimy. It’s gross. Come visit us around April next year and I’ll take you to the fair where you can eat slimy Cream of Meat.