Well, I promised to answer all of your questions. So, here’s the next batch.

Jenna asks: How much baby stuff/mab food did you bring back with you from the states? Name specifics and list the things you wish you could have brought but didn’t have room.

mab answers: We brought back about 2 full, 50 pound suitcases full of baby stuff, plus a stroller/car seat combo. My in-laws are coming in July and bringing us 3 more full 50 pound bags. We have clothes of every kind, toys, books, a great folding travel high chair (I highly recommend it), bottles, pacifiers, bibs, burp cloths, hats, socks, shoes, a baby monitor, crib mobile, crib bedding, a billion tubes of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste… you name it, we are importing it. Yes, they have most of those things here, but they are much more expensive. Usually everything is cheaper here, but not electronics or baby stuff. Unfortunately, all of those tubes of Butt Paste took up a lot of space. I forgot the Aunt Jemima syrup, the vanilla extract, the pickle relish in a squeeze-bottle, and I had to leave half of the bacon behind. But, thanks to my mom and some good friends, boxes right now are flying over ther the Atlantic with these essential items. Now I have to find the next people coming for a trip over here and get them to bring me cake mixes, frosting, cookie and brownie mixes, Oreos, and Russel Stover chocolates. (That’s all the stuff for me.) I guess to be nice, I’ll ask for jellybeans, hot tamales, and queso dip for my hubby. Dangit. Answering this question has made me hungry for cheddar cheese and Velveeta.

(Special note: Chronologically, Steve’s querstions should be answered next. But, since I think they deserve a post of their own, I’m going to save them for a special day.)

Brit asks: Who is the real Casare, and is it appropriate to have one of his quotes hanging on the wall of your home?

mab answers: Casare is the manufacturer of wall plaques that are marketed through Kohl’s, Mervyn’s, Marshall’s, and other fine stores ending with ‘s. This company specializes in finding quotes from long-forgotten tyrants, fascists, dictators, and other political activists. They take these quotes out of context, use a pretty font, add scroll-work embellishments, and sell them for $9.99 plus tax. It is appropriate to have a Casare brand plaque on your wall if you don’t care about the state of the downtrodden in the world, if you happen to like/agree with tyrants, or if it matches your decor.

Brit also asks: What are the top 10 things / people / places / etc. that just make you really happy?

mab answers: Hmmm…. toughie. But, I shall not be stumped! So, here goes…

10) Hot chocolate chip cookies that have just come out of the oven accompanied by a tall, cold glass of Braum’s milk
9) Casa Ole in my hometown with a dinner Amigo (no lettuce, tomato, or onions) and chip & dip sitting in front of me

8.) A big box of Russel Stover chocolates (either Nut, Chewy, Crisp or the Caramel assortment) that is all for me and I don’t have to share

7) Getting letters or boxes in the mail

6) Pottery classes

5) My new “Mama chair” that I got to go in the nursery (pictures to come soon)

4) Laughing with friends until my belly jiggles and my sides hurt

3) When I hear the keys in the door and I know that Ray Ray has come home from work

2) When Bean kicks me and it reminds me that she’s coming soon

1) Friends that I know I can count on, no matter how many miles separate us. (That especially means you, Britty!)

Britty delves within her soul to ask the following question: If you could have named yourself, what name would you have chosen and why?

mab answers: Dude, that’s tough, too. I think I would have chosen a name that exudes confidence and ability. I also would have chosen a name that has great meaning. I think I would have chosen the name Adeltraud. It’s Germanic roots make it sound strong, like someone clearing their throat. And, the meaning “noble and loved; noble and strong” strikes a chord in me. Yup. Adeltraud. I think it fits.

Brit asks: If you wrote a novel about your life, what would the title be?

mab answers: I have a couple of ideas on this. Which I ultimately choose will be determined by the outcome of several plans I have in mind…

What the Crap?: How mab Managed to Fumble Through Life and Find Happiness Only Because of the Grace of God

From Small Town to World Domination: mab’s Astronomic Rise to International Power

Gimme More Cadbury: How One Woman Discovered the Ability to Eat Mass Amounts of Chocolate While Keeping Her Girlish Figure and not Becoming Malnourished

Brit ends today’s interview session with the following question: If someone wrote a movie about you and your hub meeting and falling in love, what movie stars would be featured in it and why?

mab answers: This all depends on the angle the director would like to take. If he wants to make it more of a romantic comedy, then I think I’d go with John Krasinski and Reese Witherspoon.
jon.jpg reese.jpg

If it’s an action flick, I’d definitely pick Tobey Maguire and Keira Knightley.
tobey.jpg keira.jpg

If it’s a chilling drama, I’d choose Tom Hollander and Angelina Jolie.

tom.jpg jolie.jpg

If it’s a political thriller, set at the fall of the Iron Curtain, and involving the leaders of the former Communist empires as they grab for power and control, then I’d choose Ciaran Hinds and Cate Blanchett.

ciaran.jpg cate.jpg

But, if the director is smart, he’ll know that we should act as ourselves. I mean, you don’t see raw talent like ours every day…

james.jpg mab.jpg

I should begin clearing off space on the mantle for our matching Oscars right now. But first, I have to get a mantle.