Well, we’re back home now. The doctor’s visit went well and Bean is doing fine. She’s getting big, though! All of her used to fit on the ultrasound screen. Now, she’s too big for that. The doctor estimates that she’s a little over 3 pounds now.

And now, on a completely unrelated note: Last week I suddenly began craving cake donuts. I wanted to get in the car and drive to Shipleys, Dunkin’ Donuts, Jack ‘n Jill, Krispy Kreme — wherever. Any brand would have satisfied my craving. But, alas, this was not possible without an expensive plane ticket. Or, at least a drive to the Big City. There used to be Dunkin’ Donuts up there, but I haven’t seen them in awhile. All the locations I know of have closed. Anyway, I wasn’t going to make a 12 hour round-trip for a donut. So, I figured I’d have to suffer and get over it.

Most of my cravings for food that I can’t have eventually go away. I think about that food for about 15 minutes and then I don’t think of it anymore. Not so with this craving. For days, I kept thinking of cake donuts. I tried to eat other things and make myself forget. I tried to keep busy so I wouldn’t ponder the comparative qualities of cinammon-sugar coated versus blueberry. I even worked on cleaning out the office to get it ready for it’s transformation into Bean’s room. And then, the impossible happened.

No, I didn’t find a Dunkin’ Donuts under the couch in the office, but I did find a page of recipes a friend had given me. There was a recipe for brownies and one for cake. But, there on the back was a recipe for cake donuts. I wanted to drop everything and fry up a batch then, but I knew we were leaving for the Big City two days later. It wouldn’t be practical to make the donuts and then leave them behind.

But practicality be darned! I made it about 24 hours before buckling. So, Friday night, I wrecked my kitchen on a 2 hour donut-frying extravaganza. I ended up with about 3 or 4 dozen donut holes. I ate a ton, I gave a big plate to the neighbors, and we took the rest with us. Sadly, we did have to throw out the last dozen or so. They turned hard as rocks after a few days. Was it worth all of this trouble? You bet.

At midnight, during my kitchen-wrecking, craved-food-fulfilling, donut-frying extravaganza, the phone rang. Usually, the phone only rings at that time when it’s someone from the States. Not this time. It was the police. Had they heard that there were fresh donuts at our house? Nope. They were calling for my hubby. They were out patrolling and had the night shift. They wanted him to join them. “Come on! We’ll walk around, drink some tea, and hang out. It’ll be great!” they said. He politely declined since we were leaving early the next morning. Then, he told me that these were the same two police buddies who freaked out all the businessmen on his street earlier that week. My hub was walking and it was raining. So, he was hurrying and not really paying attention to the people he was passing. Suddenly, a cop jumped in front of him and whipped out his handcuffs. My hub looked up in shock. It was his friend. They laughed, did the traditional kiss-kiss greeting, and had a nice chat. Then, my hub looked around to see all of the businessmen and shop keepers on the street peering out from their windows and doorways. They were waiting to see what was going to happen to my hub! Too crazy.

I think it’s hilarious that we live in a small town where the cops call at midnight to have some company on their route around town. I also think that writing this post to tell you about the donuts has given me a new craving. Fortunately, it’s for chocolate and we have some of that in the house. So, I must sign off now and eat chocolate.

I’ll continue with all of your great questions throughout the weeks to come. Now, on to choose my chocolate of choice…..