*Begin complaint session*

Something else about Blogger that is bugging me: They just figured out where we live. For 3 years now I’ve checked Blogger & all the text is in English. But, now they’ve figured out where we are and automatically switched all of the text to Central Asian. Yeah, I know most of those words by now (a few that are pretty technical are new to me), so it’s not a logistic problem. It’s just annoying. Here I am reading an English blog about my friends, but all of the Blogger-related text is foreign. My brain doesn’t really switch those gears well. Grrr.

*End complaint session*

In other news, we are leaving town for the weekend. We’re going up to the Big City for a variety of reasons: 1) We are getting a crib from some friends, 2) We are going for another doctor’s visit, and 3) I am going to spend a lot of money at IKEA. I’m so excited about IKEA that I’m dreaming about it. We’ll buy all of the other furniture we need for the nursery and a few other things that are hard to find here…. unless you go to that wonderful store, that bastion of Sweedish design, that home to the inexpensive but good quality self-assembled furniture…. in a word, it’s simply IKEA.

When we get the goods home and set up, I’ll post pictures.

However, lest we forget, this weekend marks the one year anniversary of the mabBlab! I will do my best to post the answers to your questions on Sunday the 15th. But, y’all have been so great about asking questions that I may have to split it into several posts. In fact, I think I will reserve all of Steve’s questions for a post of their own. It’s the least I can do. If you’d like to add questions, you can do that through the end of the day Friday (whenever that is for you). After that, I won’t guarantee that I’ll get to answer them. After all, I’ll be busy at IKEA!

Now I must go. My hair is still wet, I haven’t had lunch, I should do some homework, and my language teacher will be here soon.