I’m so glad you guys found the blog! I tried to visit y’all’s blog, but it wouldn’t let me comment without a google or a blogger account. I have neither. So, I couldn’t leave y’all a note. Stink! I need y’all’s e-mail, but I know you don’t want to leave it on a public blog. I don’t want to give mine out via a public blog. What can we do?!?! It’s a dilemma!!!  Let me know what you think.

By the way, your son is precious! I love the pictures.


To all of you who read this post even though I wrote it for Brad & Jill: No, don’t feel guilty. But, if you’re one of my other friends with a blogger account that is set to not accept anonymous comments, you need to know something. It also won’t accept comments from anyone without a blogger or google account. But, to get one of those accounts, I can’t link back to my blog. It’s a conspiracy by blogger to exclude non-bloggerites. Let’s all give them a big GRRRR. If you’ve chosen this setting, you may want to change it! But, if you don’t want to change it (because you don’t want anonymous comments), then trust that I am faithfully lurking on your site, but can’t make myself known.

*End of Public Service Announcement*