I’m here now to notify you — the caring public — about a new crisis on our hands. If you have satellite over here, you get a channel imported from the UK known as BabyTV. While this seems to be an innocent channel full of cartoons and puppets and educational programs (or programmes as they would say), there is a dark underbelly. While watching BabyTV with our little buddy Nate, this underbelly exposed itself. And I was shocked.

Apparently, dubbed into many languages and shipped all over the world is a show about two roundish, multi-colored puppets who are brother and sister. Their names? Booby & Booba.


(They are the little round puppets at the front. I wanted to include more pictures, but I couldn’t figure out how to search for Booby without getting all kinds of unwanted images.)

Along with a variety of puppets shaped like everyday objects (including purses, kitchen utensils, tools, and a talking green chef’s hat), Booby and Booba encounter and solve a variety of problems. This particular episode was quite riveting — the brother/sister duo couldn’t finish an arts and crafts project because they were out of Booby Glue. Therefore, the characters would periodically shout out “We need more Booby Glue!” in some sort of strange sing-song choral performance. I couldn’t believe we were allowing Nate to watch this show. (To his family: Beware! When you come over from the States to visit him and he hollers out “Booby!” you don’t need to pass out or call CPS. He is merely naming one of his favorite television characters.)

I want to know who invents shows like these. I mean, surely “Booby” isn’t just a word that’s improper for children in the U.S. Surely, that also means the same thing in the UK? (Any help out there from my Irish, British, or otherwise UKish friends?)

Now, I must call you all to action! Like me, you may have scoffed when people asserted that Bert & Ernie were gay. You may have rolled your eyes when people found perverse and terrible meanings in the Teletubbies. We have all been a part of the problem that allowed children’s television to become this bastion of badness. We must take a stand against Booby and Booba! Otherwise, you never know what will be shown next….. Of that I shudder to think.


(This comic is Rhymes with Orange by Hilary B. Price. It was originally published March 7, 2005. The other picture in this post is from the BabyTV website.)

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