Today is my Aunt Velma’s 88th birthday! If you don’t know my Aunt Velma, you’re really missing out. She’s wonderful. Happy Birthday, Aunt Velma!!

Speaking of birthdays, there’s an important date coming up in one week — the 1st birthday of the mabBlab. So, I’ve been thinking of what we can do to celebrate. And, here’s the best thing I could come up with… but it will involve audience participation.

After reading one of my more engrossing posts, I’m sure you’ve had some questions. Why exactly do I feel compelled to name any medical problem? Why do I leave out the names of my family? Why am I obsessed with finding out who that person is who checked my blog in Portugal? These are important questions that I’m sure you have. Therefore, I want you to ask them. You will write the 1st anniversary post of the mabBlab. You’ll write it by asking me questions. Then, I’ll answer them. It’s kind of like Choose Your Own Adventure —  except  it’s not.

“Wait, isn’t this just some type of self-centered ploy to get more comments and turn the attention on yourself?” you might ask. “Good question!” I’ll answer. Then, I’ll go on to tell you that I’m doing this because I can’t think of anything better and because then if my first anniversary post stinks, I can blame it on the questions instead of on myself. See, we all win.

So, you have to leave questions for me now. They can be serious. They can be not serious. They can be about Fat Tom. They can be about Bean. They can be about my wonderful hub. They can be about living in Central Asia. See, the possibilities are endless.

Happy questioning.