Today we cooked. I made 4 containers of chicken pot pie, 5 containers of tuna noodle casserole, a Butterfinger Pie (don’t you wish you were eating at our house tonight?, a chocolate cream dessert (with the left-over pie crust), and strawberry cheesecake danishes. My housekeeper made a pot of beans that is huge (and I mean huge — I soaked over 2 pounds of dried beans to go in the giant pot) and a pot of lentil soup. Why all the food? Getting ready for the babies….

Most of you know that the other American couple in our city is also expecting a little girl. She will arrive 6 weeks before Bean. Although my friend and I don’t really look alike, people here constantly confuse us. I guess Central Asians think all Americans look alike. Anyway, this confusion is intensified by our matching bellies. In honor of the bellies, I cooked today. Most of that will go in the freezer for later. (Not the pie. We eat the pie tonight. Yum.) The entire time I was cooking, my housekeeper was watching in fascination. She had never seen anyone make anything like pot pie or tuna noodle casserole before. She thought it was funny. But, a few weeks ago she ate pot pie and liked it a lot. So, that’s good.

In other news, I’m glad to see all the peeps who responded to the survey below. However, I’m worried that my friend-base is unbalanced. We had some Lisas, some Kellis, a few Slaters, one Screech (which is all anyone ever really needs), and just one Zach. No Jessies. I need to make friends with more Jessies.

In more other news, you should go to the iTunes store this week. If you have an account with them you can download free music every week. I’m pro free stuff, so I check it out every Tuesday when they release the new song. Lately, I’ve been disappointed. There’s been too much electronica and reggeton offered. But, today’s offerings look good. For one thing, there’s a free single that looks promising. For another thing, they’re offering an audio retelling of the Easter story.

Most of you who have spent more that 3.7 seconds with me learn that I HATE anything that is religiously motivated and badly done. 99% of the “Christian” fiction out there is crap. At least 85% of the “Christian” music that is produced today is crapity crap crap. I think I could hire a monkey as a keyboardist and sing badly, but if I say enough hallelujahs, even I could make a record that Lifeway would sell. (Don’t get me started on how pathetically little talent it would take to get a novel published.) So, why am I actually telling you to get this retelling of the Easter story?

Because I really LIKE anything that is religiously motivated and well done. This appears (from what I see) to be well done. If we are supposed to give God our best at everything, why should we offer crappy art in His name? I haven’t heard the piece yet — it’s still downloading. But, unless you hear otherwise, consider it to be something worth downloading.

Lastly, I think I used crap more often in this post than any in mabBlab history. Now I’m going to put my feet up until our dinner guests arrive. I’m tired. I cooked. I’m cooked.