The ball went quite nicely. I wasn’t too overdressed and many people have complimented me on my hot pink fingernails. I will put up some pictures, but first I have to get them from our friends. We didn’t take our camera. So, you’ll have to wait a few more days to see which character from SBTB I most resembled.

In other news, this comic made me snicker today:


(That’s Pardon My Planet by Vic Lee.)

In other news, I bought a new sewing kit. When the Commies saw that I had thwarted their plan for textile domination, they returned my old sewing kit. So, now I have two. I knew it would happen this way. It should be called mab’s Law or something…. you lose something (or, in this case, have it stolen) and as soon as you replace it, it will be found (or returned).  I guess this means I can begin all the sewing projects that came into my head while I didn’t have a sewing kit to complete them. Or I’ll just watch a movie tonight.