I’ve had an ephiphany. I like crafting and doing projects, but I have a short attention span. I like to do a project that moves along quickly and is done soon. I think that’s why I make several small projects in my pottery class, but I rarely work on large items. I’d rather say: “Look! I’m done with this!”

That’s why knitting usually drives me crazy. Well, that and the fact that I can only knit straight lines with minimal pattern. And there’s only so many scarves and potholders that someone needs. I tried to make a baby blanket for the two sweeties born over here last year. It was a cool design where you make squares of different colors and then piece them together. I got 2 squares done. So, I gave one to the little boy (it’s now a washcloth) and one to the little girl (it’s her baby doll’s blanket). I just can’t hang in there to make a whole blanket. But, I’m in denial about this fact.

So, I went the other day to the yarn shop to buy some yarn to make a blanket for the other little girl on the way in our city. I wanted to buy green, yellow, and blue for accents. (Yes, she’s a girl. But, it’s a soft blue and went with the green and yellow perfectly. And, I’m not much on the pink. And, if I made it mostly greens and yellows, future non-girl children could use the blanket. And, the pinks they had didn’t match really well. And, it’s my choice.) When I went in to the store with my friend, the saleslady asked me what project I was going to start. I told her I was making a blanket for a baby girl. Then, I asked to see those colors. Let me stop here and describe the shop a little bit to you…

The entire shop is only about 10 feet by 10 feet. Shelves go all the way to the ceiling and are lined with the most amazing colors and textures of yarn. There’s also scarves, hair bands, beads, and other sewing needs crammed around the counter and all over the walls. The proprietess is very kind and talks rapidly with a sweet voice. She also has impeccable hygiene. I say this because something in her store reeks of B.O. I think that at one point day laborers came in to her shop, chose random skeins of yarn, and rubbed their pits with them. They then returned the skeins to the shelves and the odor has only fermented. I can think of no other explanation for the funk.

Back to the story… because the yarn I needed was behind a counter, you have to ask for it. When I asked for the blue yarn, she refused to give it to me. She may have a kind, quiet voice, but she’s bossy. She informed me that blue was unacceptable for a little girl. Instead, she gave me a garish hot pink to go with the soft green and soft yellow. I know that different cultures think different colors match together, but come on. This pairing was ridiculous. Oh, and she wouldn’t let me buy the green and the yellow together.  She said they were too close and I had to choose one. I knew I’d have to be sneaky if I wanted to get out of the shop with my color choices.

I spotted a nice lavender that would go well with the green and the yellow. So, first I asked for it. Then, I asked for the yellow. Then, I stuck the green into the mix. “See, don’t those three go so well?” She instantly began saying, “Yes! It’s always good to have two close colors and one opposite one! How perfect!” Without pointing out that she completely rebutted herself when she said this, I paid for the yarn and left.

And then I got home and remembered that I hate making blankets. I was reminded of this fact because I have another baby blanket a quarter of the way finished. And I started it before I was pregnant. So, that was at least 6 months ago. That’s why I made this instead:


It’s about 10 inches tall, just to give you some perspective. I found two patterns online (this one and this pattern to replicate Mr. Bean’s Teddy) and sort of combined them. Of course, I learned how to knit from my Central Asian neighbors, so I don’t have a fat clue what all the terms are in English. (I’m not a bilingual knitter.) So, I mostly made it up. That explains the tiny little ears.

What will I do with the yellow and the purple yarn? Well, it’ll sit in a basket for awhile. I’m going to make Bean her own bear, but I’m making it out of fabric. My short crafting attention span has become tired of knitting. I’ll move on to sewing.

By the way, I think the word skein is one of my favorite English words.