Dude, it is freakishly windy outside. We’re having the annual spring wind-fest and this year Mr. Sou’eastern is really showing off. I’ve been woken up by thunderstorms and by lightning, but not by severe wind. Until last night. It was so bad, we thought it was going to blow out our thin window. Every once in awhile, I hear a table or chair or potted plant go flying off someone’s balcony. Fortunately, our balconies are clear. Except for clothespins. Which have probably been turned into projectiles of death by now. But, that’s not what I’m posting about today. I’m posting about names.

We have spent a lot of time over the past few days thinking of a name for Bean. After all, she can’t go through life being known as a legume. My hub and I read through a baby naming book, each marking names we liked. Then, we talked about these names. Then, we narrowed the search to a few. Now, we’re trying them out. Each day I call her something different. Sure, it’ll probably give her a complex, but not as severe as the one she’d get from being called “Bean” at her high school graduation. Or the complex she’ll get because my bro keeps referring to her as “Old Ben Franklin.” (long story)

Meanings of names are very important here. As soon as we choose a name, everyone will want to know what it means. We’ve always wanted our kids to have meaningful names and not just something we’ve come up with by sticking a bunch of syllables together. There are some lovely names out there that have not-so-lovely name meanings. Then there’s other names whose meanings are the most important part of all. Here’s a few names/meanings I’ve found along the way:

Porsha, Portia, or Porsche — No, it doesn’t mean fast car. It means pig.

Sissy — Not only would a child with this name be thought of as a yellow-bellied chicken, but her name would mean blind.

Topanga — Yes, this was a character on the sitcom “Boy Meets World.” It means a place above.

Abishag — Guys, if your wife names your daughter this, it’s definitely time for counseling or other help. It means my father strays. 

Jezebel — Here was a real shocker! Instead of meaning great hoochie mama, this name actually means chaste or unmarried!

Hippolyta — I’m not sure who would ever name their kid this. (Sorry to anyone who has a beloved Aunt Hippolyta out there.) It’s meaning: looser of horses.

So, as you can see, we have our work cut out for us. How do we choose a real name for our child? How do we make it meaningful without it sounding terrible? How do we handle the pressure of knowing that we pick the name that this kid will carry all of her days? Maybe I will just stick with Bean. It’s easier.

No, I’m not going to post the names we’re thinking of. Why? Well, two reasons. For one thing, we haven’t decided yet. For another thing, I’m still not sure who that lurker is in Portugal. Do I really want them knowing my child’s name? And lastly, here at the mabBlab, I am simply mab, my hub is simply “the hub,” and my child is known as Bean. To make it up to all of you who are disappointed over not hearing the list of names, I’ll tell you my favorite one. It’s a name that exudes strength, has a fierce meaning, and will show everyone that Bean means business.

Boudicca Dayanara — triumphant husband-slayer

(Unfortunately, it may make it harder to marry her off. I’ll have to think on that…..)