I’ve discovered that my job title has changed. According to the culture here, my former job title was to stay skinny, cook for everyone, make tea, always be prepared for guests, and have babies. Now that I’m pregnant, my only job is to get fat. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m not gaining enough weight and that I should eat more. In homes, they pile my plate up high and tell me that it’s healthy. They give me chocolate (for energy and for the baby), they give me fruit, they give me anything they’ve got. Then, if I do anything more strenuous than lifting the fork to my mouth, they tell me to rest.

This is a great job. I think that even after Bean comes, I’ll keep stuffing a pillow in my shirt. Sure, I’ll confuse people as to why I have a newborn and am pregnant. I know: I’ll just tell them that I’m having twins, but the other one wasn’t ready yet.