Remember when I told you about the Girls’ Night In that we had this summer? You know, the time that our local friends taught all of us gringo white Americans to shake our booties and dance? Well, I found out something new about that night…

We had this event at a friend’s house in the country. Since it was summer time, of course we left the windows open to give the unairconditioned house a cool breeze. We neglected to realize that there was a campground across the street.

Apparently, all the campers heard our loud dance music and gathered across the road to watch what was going on. But, they couldn’t figure it out. They looked in and saw women dancing, putting on face masks, doing their nails, dyeing their hair, and eating. This might be normal behavior for an American girls’ night, but not here. The concept of doing makeup/nails/hair that has been ingrained in us since our first sleepover has never been introduced here. It’s a novel concept. The dancing they understood, although I’m sure it was strange to them that one lady kept demonstrating the bootie shake and the shoulder shake while hollering “Shake your boobies!” (Dangit. There went my family friendly rating for the week. I’ll definitely set off some of y’all’s Focus on the Famliy filters.)  Anyhow, we apparently entertained an entire campful of people.

Teresa, Anna….. sorry you had to find out this way. The good news: if you come back to see us, you might be recognized and complimented on your dancing. Hmmm. Maybe this is why people keep looking at me funny this week. No, that’s because I look like a college student, but I’ve got my big ol’ pregnant belly. I may have to wear one of this culture’s ugly maternity tents to get people to realize that I’m not a kid with a deformed stomach, I’m a grown-up with a baby! I know some day I’ll appreciate the fact that I look younger than I am. But, today isn’t that day.  At least I learned how to dance. If you don’t believe me, you can ask any of the people from the campground. They’ll tell you.

P.S. All of you faithful mabBlab readers can take a break. I’ll be out of town until late Monday and I’m not taking the computer with me. So, no posts until the middle of next week. Consider it my Spring Break present.