200px-freebirds_world_burrito.png What better meal for our last American meal than a Freebirds burrito? (If you’ve never heard of Freebirds, I do not have the time to enlighten you now. I only have time to feel sorry for you. Quit reading this instantly and do some internet research on this fine establishment. Then, find the closest Freebirds to you. Then, go eat a burrito. Only then may you come back and read the rest of this post. Now go.) I did a happy dance in my chair the entire time we were eating. Yumity, yum yum.

We are with our buddies Cliff & Teresa right now. They lived with us for 2 months, so we’re staying 2 nights. Since we’re more trouble than they are, we figure that this is equivalent. We’ve realized that we’ve left a wake of exhaustion behind us. Everyone who keeps us at their homes has to take several days to recouperate. (A big thanks to everyone who has kept us! May you rest well in the upcoming days!)

We board a plane tomorrow after lunch. We arrive approximately 18 hours later. Then, for the long ol’ car ride home with our hero Justin who is coming to get us. If you read this, pray for patience, a lack of swollen feet, & for the baggage people to not notice that the stroller we’re checking on is over the regulation size.  I doubt if I blog again for a day or so. My plans upon arrival are to see our peeps over there (Nate! Don’t forget your Teyze! Kaela, I can’t wait to see that belly!), then to sleep. The next day plans: sleep, wash clothes, sleep, unpack (a teeny bit), and sleep. “What about eating?” you say? Oh, don’t worry about that. You guys know I’ll find time to eat.

I’m signing off for now so I can begin to pack up the computer stuff & then head to bed. Upcoming posts (to keep you expectantly waiting for my regular return to the blogging world) may include detailed play-by-plays of any travel mishaps or adventures, details on several of the bathrooms I have been priveledged to visit during my stateside trip, photos, and lists of reactions my Central Asian friends and neighbors have upon seeing how huge I’ve become. Don’t believe me? Here’s a picture from two weeks ago:


I’m bigger now. You may say that’s due to the burritos and hot dogs. I’m blaming it all on my precious Bean and denying that the American food binges have anything to do with it.