Some of the more astute mabBlab readers may have noticed a new feature in the sidebar. It’s the books I’ve read so far this year. I stole this idea off of another blog, so I won’t claim it as original.

You should know that inclusion on the list doesn’t necessarily mean I recommend a book. It’s all the books I’ve read — good, bad, and ugly. Right now I’m reading through a random assortment of books. Many of them I got for Christmas. Some I picked up at a used bookstore. Some I found laying around.

I’m hoping this starts some conversations. Feel free at any point to e-mail me or leave a comment asking about a certain book. Or, tell me some books you’ve read that you recommend. I have a feeling in the next few months I’ll be reading a lot — especially when I get as big as a whale and am beached on the couch.

In other news, we went to Target tonight. I spent all the gift cards that we’ve accumulated (from many of you very nice people!) and the cash from a few duplicate returns. Bean walked away a winner — 6 Target bags brimming over. Now I gotta figure out how to pack all of this…..

I’d rather go read another book.