Good news: If I play my cards right, I get another Mer Rouge hot dog tomorrow. It will be all I think of until the appointed meal time arrives. I’ll let you know if I’m successful or not. Now, on to the vacation update!

We went to Hot Springs for a little getaway. Instead of telling you stories about riding in the truck over bumpy, unpaved logging roads and the strange man in the quilt shop who called himself “Spider,” I’ll share the following pictures with you. Trust me, they are better than my stories anyway:


First a normal picture for once. Can you see my belly? It’s huge. Freakin’ huge. And for once I love it. No one looks at me funny when I down an embarrassing amount of pizza and fried chicken. If anyone does look at me strangely or with a look of “Oh, how horrid! What a disgusting lady! How can she eat like that?” I just lean back and rub my belly. Their look instantly melts into “Awww! She’s pregnant! Give her some cake!” Then, Fat Tom says: “Me like baby! Baby give cake! Good baby!” (Ok, normal picture, not so normal caption…. moving along….)

Next up is what happens when RayRay’s Aunt C goes to Dollar General with her lifelong friend Miss O.


Yes, Santa hats in February. And reindeer antlers. What else can you do but take a picture? Let me tell you, with these octogenarians along for the ride, nothing is ever calm! I hope Britty & I are like them some day. (And Ray Ray and T can just try to keep up!)

Most of the time we spent chillin’ at the condo. Or driving into town. These condos and homes were in the most crazy laid-out subdivision anywhere. I think the builder gave a crayon to his three year old and asked her to scribble on a piece of paper. He looked at the ensuing curliques and said “That’ll do.” Then, he plunked it down on some mountains. Needless to say, we took several creative routes home. We will not admit that we were ever lost. For one thing, we had a GPS in the truck. For another thing, you should never admit that you’re lost. It causes a loss of morale. Another thing that causes a loss of morale? Needing a potty. In the mountains. Off a logging road. Then, you pull off the road by a boat ramp and you see….

Now only one mystery remains: Was the sudden appearance of an old, unkept port-a-potty sudden enough to prevent an accident? Did the pressured passenger find relief? Answer….


Yes! We made it in time!

Some of you may wonder why I continue to post potentially embarassing photos of my beloved on the internet for all to see. Am I acting out some subliminal rage? Am I trying to get even with him for something? Is this just a cry for help and attention? Nope. It’s just that he does so many dang funny things. And I have the camera around. And when I’m the one taking the pictures, no one can ever take embarassing photos of me. Even if they did, I wouldn’t blog them.

Ray Ray, since I know you’ve started reading the blog to monitor what crazy thing I do next, let me tell you again how much I love you! And how much fun you are!