Yesterday we went to a little shack in the city of Mer Rouge. (Pronunciation help: Mur-ruuuj.) Next to the train tracks, in front of a farm equipment tire sale shop and welding facility, and across from the only gas station in town (which is now shut down), is a small white building called the Country Cream. Within this unassuming shack are the best hot dogs on earth. There is no seating except for a picnic table, and it was too cold and we weren’t crazy enough to sit there. So, we sat in my father-in-law’s truck eating our dogs. I got the hot dog with cheese. All dogs come with this wonderlicious chili sauce unless otherwise specified. You’re crazy if you specify otherwise because the chili makes the dog. You can add onions, relish, and all that mess, but I didn’t. Just the cheese sauce. It was truly spectacular. And I’m not just saying that because I haven’t eaten a decent hot dog in years.

When we pulled up and ordered, we then drove across the tracks to a farm supply store to get my hub some boots. (It’s muddy here.) We drove back to pick up our order and eat. Then, we drove over to a feed shop behind the hot dog shack to get horse feed. Then, we decided we didn’t want to wait any longer for our dessert. Now, the only other thing that can give their hot dogs a run for the money is their ice cream. It’s creamy, icy, custardy yum-yum. We drove back for the third time and placed our ice cream order. But, ever since I had downed that deliciouso hot dog of splendor, I had thought of getting another one. Like a junkie looking for a fix, I was only thinking of my next dose of chili. So, I swallowed my pride and said “Can I get another dog and some ice cream?”

I figure that I ate the first one and Bean had the second. It was fabulous.

If you’re ever in northeast Louisiana, you must come to Mer Rouge and ask where the good hot dogs are. Everyone in a ten parish region can give you directions to the shack by the tracks. And, no matter how far you drive, it’ll be worth it. Man, now I’m hungry again. I think I’ll see if someone can drive me up the road for another dog. Mmmmmmmmm!