As we crossed into Louisiana, the hub began singing their state song: “You Are My Sunshine.” That’s right. That’s their state song. In fact, it was so popular there in the 40s and 50s that they elected the guy who wrote it to be governor.

For the rest of you born-and-bred Texans, have no fear. When we cross back into the promised land, I’ll sing our song. My favorite line: “Empire-wide and glorious, you stand supremely blessed.” If anyone wonders where Texans get their arrogance, they should know we’re born into it. And then we’re taught it in school.

Anyway, we are having a good time here. We’ve been able to see some family members, we’ve gotten a bit more caught up on rest, and today we’re going to a little hot dog stand in the next town for lunch. These are the best hot dogs I’ve ever eaten in my life. Then, we’re going to the next little town to the best pie place. I’m getting chocolate pie. And Bean may want a piece, too.

So, thanks to all the fine folk of Waco who made our stay there so great! We can’t believe those 2 weeks flew by so fast!