Now that the Ice Apocalypse has reached Waco, Britty is off work and we’re staying home hanging out. I’m sick (again), so we had to cancel & reschedule all of the lunches, dinners, and meetings from today. (Those events aren’t compatible with The Funk.) So, when schools were closed, offices told people to stay home, and mass hysteria subsided, I felt better. Even if I wasn’t sick, I would have had to cancel stuff. It’s not like the 1/4 inch of ice on the road scares me. No…. what scares me are Texas drivers on a road covered in 1/4 inch of ice. I think Britty’s man T summed it up well: There are two types of ice-drivers in Texas. There’s the type that doesn’t drive any differently than they would without ice and the type that slows down to 3 mph. Both types cause accidents.

Enough of this piffle. I have nothing funny or entertaining to share from the depths of my being, so I’ll share this funny instead. It’s Speed Bump by Dave Coverly.