V-Ram 85, Lil’ Nanny G, yours truly (Lil’ Sugar Mama), Funky Gordita, Regulatin’ Homie LT, & Greco-Roman-we-can’t-remember-his-name all got together this weekend. We missed G-V, another Posse member, but we represented him in the picture above with a salt shaker.

What is this picture all about? Well, in a nutshell, it’s an inside joke that should have lasted 15 minutes and got a few laughs, but has held on now for 12 years. And no, you can’t join. Membership is closed.

Can-Too, we also missed you a lot, even though you are a Buttafuoco. It wasn’t the same without you, either!

Tomorrow we head to Waco, weather permitting. I’m finding it incredibly funny that the news keeps breaking in with the news flash “SEVERE WINTER WEATHER WARNING!” and then they tell us that we might have 1/4 an inch of ice on the roads.  Right now all of the people in East Texas are rushing to the supermarket to buy bread and milk for the ice age-like apocolypse heading our way. They are buying firewood, trying to unclog their fireplaces, finding heaters, digging the electric blankets out, and cancelling all appointments from now until the “thaw.”

While I agree that driving on 1/4 inch of ice isn’t a good idea and icy weather will make us change our plans, I think this should be kept in perspective. Since last year I endured a foot of snow with no heat or electricity, this is really really really laughable. Oh, I’m sorry. I have to go. I need to get out my long johns, stack 13 blankets on our bed, dig out my ski clothes, and find bright colored flags to wave out the chimney so the rescue crews can see where to dig for our house.