Some of my mom’s friends threw me a lovely shower this past Sunday. I had to dress up in my pretty dress and wear my pretty smile and say pretty things. (This is very difficult for me sometimes.)

At one point my mom’s friend asked me to tell everyone the names we had picked out for the baby that I had told her earlier that week. I explained that we liked Biblical names and had chosen two that we thought were distinct. For a girl we had chosen Milcah Gomer. For a boy: Mahershalalhasbaz Mephibosheth. I said that since we had to make sure that the names we chose were appropriate and pronoucable for two cultures, we figured we’d just make them equally impossible for everyone.

Later one of the guests came up to my mom said, very gravely: “Is mab really going to name her babies that? Is she serious?”

That’s what happens when I forget to talk pretty and talk mab-ish instead.