At approximately 5:00 Central time on this past Wednesday, a woman was accosted by security for crazed behavior in the Chicago O’Hare airport security check-point. She was calmly putting her shoes, jacket, and purse in a bin when she got out of line and began screaming a name. Before security could take her down, she explained: “That’s my brother! That’s my brother on the other side of the check-point!!! I haven’t seen him in a year! What’s he doing here?” In response, the security guard quickly changed tactics. “Boy! You get over here and see your sister,” she said jovially. The other passengers smiled at the quaint Hallmark moment going on around them.

In an interview later, the woman, who wanted to be referred to only as mab, said that she didn’t expect to see her brother until the following day. He was flying in from another city and they were meeting in Dallas at that time, according to her understanding. Instead, her brother had changed his ticket and arranged to be on her flight from Chicago to Dallas.

“I was planning on not letting her see me until she got on the plane,” said mab’s brother MEH. “I had arranged to have the seat next to her. I was going to sit in her seat and cover up with a blanket as if I was asleep. When she had her husband ask me to move to give them their seats, I was going to pop up and surprise them.” His plans were foiled when his path took him in front of their security check-point.

mab later explained: “I had been in airports or on planes for over 15 hours by that point. I wasn’t expecting to see my brother or any family members for another 2 or 3 hours. Then, I looked up and saw him passing by. I assumed that he was just on a connecting flight somewhere since he travels a lot. I assumed that if I didn’t yell and get his attention then, I wouldn’t get to see him until the next day. Little did I know that he had planned this!”

When mab’s husband Ray Ray was asked what he thought when he saw his wife screaming her brother’s name in a crowded airport security section, he replied: “I figured she was about to get hauled off. And I knew that might make us miss our plane. But, I wasn’t too surprised at her doing something crazy. That’s just mab.”

After leaving Chicago O’Hare, the newly reunited brother and sister joined Ray Ray for a flight to Dallas. We have received word that they have arrived safely and immediately upon meeting their family and getting their baggage, they proceeded to a Mexican food restaurant. “I’m glad we got our enchiladas instead of spending the night detained by Homeland Security,” remarked Ray Ray.