What do you think my hub is doing? Out playing backgammon with the boys? Watching a bloody movie that I’d hate? Listening to “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers and singing at the top of his lungs? Nope. You’re wrong. He’s making me dinner. He made biscuits from scratch (a new talent he is developing and he does quite well!), then he’s making creamed chicken & veggies. You pour it over the biscuits & it’s like an open-faced chicken pot pie. I love pot pie. LOVE IT, but it takes time — especially the crust. This is the simpler version of it. And, it’s good.

I can eat ok most of the time, but walking in the kitchen makes me nauseated. Opening the fridge is a challenge — who knows what odor will waft out of there. Opening the cabinets under the sink? Nope. Not brave enough. So, I stay out of there. It really improves my quality of life. And now that my hub is learning to cook for us, I have no more reason to go in there. I’ve got a pretty sweet set-up going, don’t I? 🙂