Well, peeps, unless everyone’s e-mail system breaks down and KarenD doesn’t check my blog three times a day like usual, the mabBlab will hit the big 10,000 hits mark today. Let’s celebrate. Let’s all go out and eat chips & salsa and then a plate of enchiladas! (Ahhh…. that will be my reality very soon.) Let’s see who #10,000 is. When you read this, check the number in the right hand corner. Then, leave me a comment with your # on it. No, you can’t hit Refresh over and over just to make you #10,000. That would not fit the mabBlab honor code. Who knows, but there might be an interesting prize in it for the real #10,000.

And, in case you’re wondering, I’ve made it my goal to post something every day this month. Why? Well, because I’m stuck in the house more dealing with nausea and tiredness. And, because it’s nice to have goals in life, right? This will be interesting to see if I can do it, considering the fact that we have a huge plane trip coming up. I’ll be involved in all of the flight dealings (checking in, security stuff, waiting around, actually flying, transferring planes, new security, running to buy chocolate in the London airport, flying again, waiting on layover, going through customs, finding a drink machine that sells Dr Pepper, changing some money into American currency to buy said Dr Pepper, finding the new plane, rechecking luggage, going through more security, flying again, landing, finding my family, hugging them all, eating the cheddar cheese they will bring for me, finally getting our baggage, and going to my Grandma’s house) for approximately 22 hours. Leaves little time for blogging.

So, keep checking back and see if I can really find something bordering on interesting to tell you every day this month. Or, see me descend into boring reports about which socks I’ve chosen to wear that day and why. (white sport socks, they don’t squeeze my ankles)