As many of you know, we’ve planned a visit to the States in January/February ’07. Why did we pick that time? Well, a) the hub’s travel business is slower then, b) there’s a local school break, so his English classes will also have a break in that time, c) plane tickets are half of what they are in the summer, and d) we were trying to escape the harsh winter here. We figured that the worst days of winter in Texas are comparable to what Central Asian Novembers are like. So, no week-long blizzards to endure without electricity or heat like last year.

But, the weather heard of our plans and has sought to spoil them. The cold has moved to Texas ahead of us.

Here, we are experiencing unseasonal warm temperatures. Right now, it is 52 degrees. The lowest temperature we’re predicted to have in the next 10 days is 45 degrees. Meanwhile, back in Texas, the current temperature in my hometown is 29 degrees (with a wind chill of 22). Granted, it’s noon here and the middle of the night there. But, still! This is an odd weather switch.

I wonder if the cold will hang on until our arrival, or move back over here where it belongs. I hope everything returns to normal or I won’t have any clue how to pack for our trip. Oh wait…. I’m not taking any clothes. My gut has grown too much to fit anything! I’ll have to get some stretchy pants for the plane.

Random side note: The weather site I was using to get my temperatures from has the strangest side-bar ad I’ve ever seen: It’s a woman’s back, but she’s wearing only jeans. Then, a tattoo gun draws country music stars on her, which become alive and dance, and then the words “Calculate New Payments” is tattooed on her. It’s for a new home mortgage. What on earth kind of audience are they trying to reach with this?