I ask you to consider the following with me: Is this man from our local cable access channel truly Papa Steve’s doppelganger? Or, is Papa Steve HIS doppelganger? I did watch more of TV Man’s show while I was taking pictures of the tv. Although his show is titled “Big Fairy Stories,” it apparently has nothing to do with Cinderella or any other fairy tale. I think it’s actually about politics. The changing background of trees and seascapes on the bluescreen behind him kept me from really paying attention.

Anyway, after much thought and observation, I can’t tell who is the more evil (and therefore the doppelganger) of the two. I would instantly proclaim Papa Steve as the good guy were it not for his disdain of dairy products. So, I look to you to make a decision.

First, let’s get a pictoral look at our two subjects. That’s TV man on the left and Papa Steve on the right. I’m sure you’ll agree that the resemblance is uncanny. (Or, maybe it’s just the goatee.)
stevetwin1.jpg steve-4.jpg

Next, I offer these pictures to give you more insight into the characters of these men. TV man is leaning in to make a very important point. Papa Steve, however, uses other methods to make important points.

stevetwin2.jpg steve2.JPG

Apparently knowing that I am taking pictures of the TV while he is doing his show, TV Man bows up and shows me his fierce face. The photo on the right shows Papa Steve’s fierce face.

stevetwin3.jpg steve11.JPG

So, who is the doppelganger? Papa Steve or TV Man? I leave this to you, my esteemed readers, to decide.