My plans to use my unborn child to boost blog stats is working: The previous post had 64 views in 4 days. But, as you all may have guessed, we had deeper motivations to start a family than to improve my blog readership. We are pretty excited about this new change in our lives, but for now I am expressing this excitement quietly. Mostly because I spend my days on the couch. There’s definitely been some nausea and I have massive aversions to some foods (I can’t even say the words “gr##n b#@ns), but the kicker is the exhaustion. I feel as if a truck has hit me. A big nausea truck. Filled with cans of ….. well, those unmentionable veggies.

In other news, Thanksgiving was a blast. We all gathered here for some good times. On Friday, everyone came here to do the annual Christmas candy-making. My wonderful Mama makes an immeasurable amount of Christmas candy, cookies, and treats every year around this time. When we were kids, she would devote the entire dining room table to these goodies. That’s right…. they would fill up the entire table. She had fudge, almond bark candy (the kind with marshmallows and peanut butter), sugar cookies, chex mix, puppy chow (no, not the dog food, the delectable chocolate/butterscotch/Crispix/powdered sugar treat), caramel popcorn, peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, butterscotch haystacks, divinity, millionaires, and a nasty type of German spice cookie that no one but my brother would eat. It was deliciously insane. Once I got old enough, she would let me help so I could learn how to do all of this myself. Then, after I graduated from college, I would join her one weekend and we would make everything together. It would take us 2 or 3 days.

Now, I’m a little too far away to join her for a weekend cook-fest. But, instead, we all get together here and make the goodies. We can’t make everything since so many of the supplies have to be shipped in. But, we can still make quite a few things. So, this year, we made fudge, butterscotch haystacks, pecan toffee, chex mix, puppy chow, and caramel popcorn. With 5 of us working on everything, we got done in a few hours and then went to dinner to celebrate. (You think we’d cook after being in the kitchen that long? And after doing all of those dishes? No way!)

The best news: I could actually eat all the goodies! Up until now, I haven’t been able to eat chocolate. That has been the greatest tragedy of all. But, I think this has passed. So, I shall celebrate by eating all of the fudge today.

Thanks again to Ab B. for bringing in the supplies we needed! I’m sure you really threw the security guys at the airport for a loop. I’d imagine that their conversations together went something like this….

Security Agent 1: Whoa! Check out this suitcase!

Security Agent 2: Do I need to get backup? Call in the dogs?

SA1: No, man. Look at this! Four boxes of Chex cereal, two boxes of Crispix, and two gigantic cans of potato sticks. Why would someone take these things into Central Asia?

SA2: I’m not sure… maybe they are for snacks. Let’s investigate more….. Marshmallow creme?  Karo syrup? No…. these aren’t snacks. What could this all mean?!? Let’s find out who these bags belong to. I’m going to have to request a strip search.

Yeah, sorry about that, Ab. Still, I’m glad you guys came!