No real news today. I’m still here in the Big City, hanging out with my friends. I’ve heard from my hub and he’s doing well. I’m sure he’ll have a lot of stories to share when he gets back. As for me, I’ve been staying busy meeting friends, making danish, playing with Emma, and having good girl time.

Tonight I got to see a friend who used to live in the city where I live now.  My friend Ruth joined me so she could meet her as well. This friend grew up in Sea Town. She finished school there and even went to the university there. Then, she graduated and got a job in the Big City. She went from a town of about 100,000 on a good day to a town where 100,000 new people move there every day. The official population for the Big City is 12 million. I, and most everyone else, thinks that’s bunk. I wouldn’t be surprised if 15 million people lived here. There’s 100,000 people living in this neighborhood I’m staying in. All tightly packed in and surrounded by traffic and bus exhaust. So, I think it goes without saying that she’s a little stressed right now. She’s having to learn what it’s like to survive here. It’s something like a girl from a small town in Wyoming moving to New York City. Yeah.

It was great to see her today. She was so cute. Even though I used to live here and Ruth has lived here for over a year now and we are way more familiar with this city than she is, she still was playing the “hostess.” She asked her co-workers for restaurant recommendations. Then, she took us to some pretty random spots. We ate at a dive called the Bambi Cafe. No, it didn’t have girls named Bambi in it. It was named after the little deer (which is a boy, interestingly enough). Who knows why this random hamburger cafe is named after a cute little cartoon deer? Their specialty (which we did NOT try) is the wet hamburger. Yes. Wet. They make a hamburger, soak it in some type of garlic sauce, and keep it in a steam case. I think this was invented one day when the cafe owner realized that if he made a bunch of hamburgers in advance and got them wet, no one would know they were old. If he called it a specialty, people would eat them anyway. I opted out of the Wet Hamburger and went for a plain cheeseburger and an Atom. That’s their other specialty. It’s a fruit smoothie. But, we couldn’t identify all of the fruits in it. I think they use whatever fruit they could find. And carrots. We were sure there were carrots, bananas, kiwi, and apples in it for sure. My friend thinks there were melons in it, too. Who knows. But, it was good. And, although it was wet, it was supposed to be wet, so I didn’t mind.

After this, she walked us down the busiest street in the entire Big City. This is kind of like Times Square. She was trying to find a cafe she’d been to once. But, it was really cold and this cafe was on the roof. And, she wasn’t sure she could find it. So, when I told her that I knew of a place, she said “Really? Let’s go there instead!” very readily. I think she was relieved to let go of hostessing duties. After all, the poor girl has only been here a month. We went to a cafe called Barcelona that, in addition to desserts and tea/coffee, serves pizza. That’s right. Barcelona. Pizza. Central Asia. None of this matches. I guess that’s what’s supposed to be fun. We had dessert, drank tea, and talked awhile. I would have liked to stay longer, but we knew that the last bus to this part of town was leaving in a few minutes, so we had to run.

So there you go… typical evening in the life of mab. Good friends, wet hamburgers, okay desserts, and talking a lot.  The best news is that Ruth and my friend seemed to hit it off. I hope that they will get to keep hanging out.