I’m going to buy this book. Where else can you learn about the phenomenon of fanatacism that binds together Trekkies, ice-fishermen, Barbie enthusiasts, and people who dress up like animals. That’s right. They dress up like animals. They’re called Furries. After hearing about this on a podcast, I wasted 10 minutes of my life looking up this phenomenon on the trusty internet. These people have “fursonas” — or the anthropormophic animal they most would like to be. They dress up and go to conventions. Yes, Virginia, there are wierder people out there than Trekkies. I read one article that described the largest of this convention. When I read the following sentence, I both laughed and hurt. Oh my goodness gracious:”As a whole, the convention is an incredible sight. ‘There are foxes and skunks and wolves interacting,’ says Conway. ‘That’s kind of what the convention is all about.’ ”

Has anybody reminded these guys that they’re not really animals?

On another note, I’m going to buy a CD from this band. Why? Because nothin’ says good times like a Cuban Ska record. One track on the album is a Cuban Ska rewritten edition of Istanbul (not Constantinople). How can you beat that? I mean, we all thought it was original when They Might Be Giants did the song. But, it’s actually been around since a group called the Four Lads sang it in the 50’s. (I’ve been to their site. They aren’t lads anymore. I think they need a new band name.) I guess the original song was pretty hip in it’s time. And, you know, it did combine a love of quartets with a love of geopolitical studies. That’s revolutionary, man.

Speaking of something that revolutionized me, I also saw a picture today of the guy who does the voice/puppettering for Elmo. You see little Elmo dancing around and flopping his arms everywhere, asking people to tickle him and being the 3 year-old monster he’s supposed to be. Then, you hear an interview of the deep-voiced, 6 foot tall man who created this character. Here’s a picture of him:

I simply can’t understand how both of these voices can come from the same man. It’s wierd. But, at least this 6 foot tall man isn’t dressing up in a red furry monster suit and showing up at conventions.