School hasn’t started here yet. It will start next week. Unless you’re a kindergartener. This year, they started something new. In order to get the kids prepared for school and ready for the separation from home, all of the kindergarteners started a week early. With their moms.

Kids here are rarely taught independence. No, that’s not true. Most of them are taught independence from everything except their mommies. It’s a therapist’s dream world over here. So, instead of helping the kids to break free from having Mommy wipe their tushies for them, they are enabling them. However, I have a feeling it’s not hardest on the kids. I have a feeling the moms are being total classroom terrors. Can you imagine being a teacher in this situation? What about a first-year teacher? YIKES! Every single move you make all day for a week is scrutinized by the most over-protective mothers in the world.

One time, while I was teaching 2nd grade, a mom sat in for one lesson in my classroom. She was mad at me at the time and thought I was mistreating her son. (Doggone me for insisting that all students follow the rules and face consequences for breaking them!) The 30 minutes she was in the room glaring at me was horrible. I really can’t imagine all of these teachers having to deal with a room of whiny babies and their new kindergarteners. Yikes.

In other news, the contest winners will finally be announced tomorrow. I’ve got the prizes. And the pictures. All that remains is the final stanza of the poem. The iambic pentameter is giving me trouble.