So, tomorrow (Monday) I’m getting laproscopy done. I went to the doctor and the cyst turns out to be something called an endometrioma. They’re going to go ahead and take it out and since we’ve driven 6 hours up here, they’re going to go ahead and do the procedure right away. Hence the early Monday morning time. I’ll be heading to the hospital at 11 p.m. Texas time. I shouldn’t stay overnight…. just all day.

One interesting thing: this type of cyst is often called a chocolate cyst because of what it looks like (yeah, I know that was gross). When she told me that, I asked her if I got it from eating too much chocolate. She said no and laughed. From this I can infer that since eating chocolate didn’t give me a cyst, then eating chocolate may go a long way towards removing the cyst. I am going to be trying this new type of alternative medicine I call Chocotherapy and will let you know the results.

I didn’t get to see the thyroid doc because of a mistake in appointments. So, the bad part of that is that my thyroid will continue acting up until I can get an appointment and get on medication. The good news is now I can blame things on Tyrone. Fat Tom won’t take all the blame anymore. Tyrone the thyroid is now the cause of me being tired, me saying cranky things, me forgetting things, or anything else like that. I like having more than one thing to blame for my actions. If it isn’t Tyrone, it’s Fat Tom. If it isn’t either of those things, maybe it’s Cicero (the cyst). This way, absolutely nothing is my fault.

However, after Monday I won’t be able to blame Cicero for anything anymore. Good. He wasn’t good for anything anyway. Now I must go. I have to stop eating and drinking at midnight tonight. That gives me about half a day to complete my chocolate therapy research.